Alphabet bracelets

Bracelets with a personal touch…

Have your initial or small symbol engraved

onto these cute sterling silver bracelets.

Available in polished or matted.


Rs 1950

Ankle bracelet

Sterling silver ankle bracelet

with a petite heart charm.

Also available with a flower.


Rs 1450


Made in Mauritius.

Carambole bracelet

Fun sterling silver carambole bracelet with

contrasting polished edges & matted surfaces.


Rs 1800


Made in Mauritius

Dodo anchor bracelet

Fun sterling silver bracelet with the

iconic Mauritian Dodo bird.


Rs 2100


Made in Mauritius

Dodo bracelet

Fun sterling silver dodo bracelet on a coloured rope

Suitable for all ages!


Rs 1800


Locally made in our workshop in Mauritius.

Dodo charm

Adorable sterling silver Dodo charm

in a highly polished finish –

the perfect souvenir from Mauritius!

Fits on multiple charm bracelets.


Rs 1800


Locally designed and made in our workshop.

Dodo leather bracelet

Fun sterling silver dodo charm on a coloured leather

bracelet. Choose between a polished or matted side.

Available in various leather colours.


Rs 3900


Proudly designed and made in Mauritius

Dodo medallion

Sterling silver medallion with a highly

polished surface & a recessed dodo

motive in a contrasting matt finish.

Size: 15mm


Rs 2400


Designed & handmade in our workshop.

Double wave bangle

Softly matted sterling silver

bangle with polished edges.


Rs 12,200


Also available as a single or

tripple wave bangle.

Designed & made in Mauritius

Engraved clouds

Fun bracelets with a personal touch…

Have your initial or name engraved

onto these cute sterling silver bracelets.

Choose between polished or matted

 and various coloured cords.


Rs 1600

Frangipani bracelet

Delicate sterling silver

frangipani bracelet.


Rs 2200


Designed & made in Mauritius

Golden alphabet bracelet

Oxidised sterling silver bracelet

with an 18ct yellow gold alphabet.

Also available in natural silver

look and 18ct white gold.

Only on order.



Rs 2450